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Soul Alchemy - Healing with Light and Love
for Tran
sformation and Freedom 

Soul Alchemy is the multi-dimensional application of light and love to the Body~Mind~Soul~Spirit expression of Who We Are

As a clear channel of Light and Energy 
from the Source for over 25 years, 
the guidance I received to move ahead with this method was clear and unequivocal ~ I invite you to open up to this profoundly powerful healing gift that I have had the privilege and joy to study, experience personally, and share successfully with many others over the past several years; 

The success of this healing is based on the transmutation of our connections to belief systems that pervade this reality; It is said that we operate 85% of the time on our subconscious thoughts, and as a Certified Master Practitioner of Sacred Activations by Tamra Oviatt, I offer clearings of these unsupportive connections, including A) unconscious beliefs from current and past unprocessed
 lifetimes, B) subconscious beliefs from current unprocessed emotions and thoughts, and C) supra-conscious emotions and thoughts from the human collective;

Why do these beliefs need to be cleared?
All beliefs interfere with the natural regulation of one's Physical~Mental~Emotional~Spiritual Bodies

Following the clearings, the Violet Flame of Transmutation often follows as a "transducer" (to use Saint Germain's expression) to further clear, heal and seal your fields to align you with energy that serves the highest expression of your Soul and your current life experience;  Freedom from non-supporting beliefs and energy is the most important healing principle in modern times, since the release from attachment to any and all beliefs truly creates Freedom;

Other Healing Light Rays often grace the Healing Corridor* during these sessions, inviting Masters connected with each Ray to join in, and often leading to a reflection upon one's lifestream to this point, gaining new perspectives and embracing clarity, ending with an authentic experience of divine grace that often arises to lift our burdens;

Following all clearings I have been shown that special Alignment
 Codes are available to each of You who resonate with this gift and who Trust in the Healing Power of Light and the Codes contained therein;  

This is your invitation to allow yourself the experience of profound Energetic Healing and Personal
 Code Assimilation!

*The Healing Corridor = the "Space" where profound Healings take place, out of space and time 


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