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Soul Alchemy - Healing with Light and Love
for Transformation, Freedom and Immortality

Soul Alchemy is the multi-dimensional application of light and love to the Body~Heart~Mind~Soul expression of Who We Are

The full success of this healing is based on the transmutation of our connections to the belief systems that pervade this reality; Based on the Sacred Activations of Tamra Oviatt We carry infinite connections to unconscious beliefs from unprocessed past lifetimes, subconscious belief systems from current unprocessed emotions and thoughts of our own, and supraconscious emotions and thoughts from the human collective

All belief systems interfere with the natural regulation of one's Body~Heart~Mind~Soul  -- by the Soul itself

Through the application of Light, especially using Violet Flame Light as a "transducer" to use Saint Germain's expression, the gift is in the energetic release of all beliefs that do not serve the highest;  Freedom from all beliefs is the most important principle today in modern times since the release from attachment to any and all beliefs truly creates Freedom and the knowing that one is Immortal

Here is an invitation to allow yourself to experience the alchemy of this powerful gift 

As a clear channel for light beings from the Source for over 25 years
the guidance I received to move ahead with this method was clear and unequivocal 
I am here now in full service to humanity  


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