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I AM Amora

Now is the time of the Great Healing of humanity and I have been called to move fully into my role as an Alchemical healer and mentor by facilitating the transmission of Light and Love from the Source~Creator of All~That~Is

While I have special mentors during this lifetime, Master Saint Germain is among them and with me now, graciously imparting his gifts and knowledge of alchemy that unifies my use of Source Light with Love! and paves the way to perfected soul expression through deep alchemical transformation that can only be personally known by receiving this gift of divine grace

This is not a new passion as I have been exploring the Healing Arts for over 35 years, but this is a qualitative change in direction in that through the gift of my own inner healing and expanded consciousness into the realms of eternal light and love, I have come to know divine presence to be the true healer for us all

There is an infinite source of light, of love and of grace, 

and through my loving presence and deep dedication to bringing forward pure light and illuminating messages from the ascended realms to guide you on your path, you shall also come to know your Soul on many new levels

 In Love with Sincerity and Compassion

from my Soul to Yours

I Am at Your Service during this Ascension

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