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I Am Amora

Welcome to my Website!

My healthcare career began in Coronary Intensive Care, Emergency Nursing and Public Health after which I continued my studies in Healthcare Administration, and worked as a Hospital Administrator for several years;

  As I expanded my own awareness and nurtured my curiosity in learning what truly makes people "ill" I came to the understanding that most "dis-ease" is a result of blocked energetic pathways, and I began to expand my areas of study to include
Holy Spirit Reiki
 Energy Healing, Esoteric Acupuncture and other energy healing styles, several of which led to profound alchemical transformation; My interest expanded into studying and completing Sacred ActivationsTM - which eliminates subconscious beliefs that affect our Body-Mind-Spirit, and therefore, our lives!
For a concise description of these Activations please see the Next Section Soul Alchemy

 Light Body Harmonization is a compilation of energy healing I have created based on the meridian systems of the physical body and includes clearing the 12 Chakra Energy System where the Lower 7 Chakras are connected to physical organs and all systems within the Physical expression;
My principles of alignment are based on healing the FIRST layer, the Physical Layer followed by the 
Mental-Emotional-Spiritual Bodies because when unwell they create entanglements which affect the Light Body; All clearing and balancing of these lower bodies paves the way to connecting with one's own divine Soul essence, opening the personal field to Light Codes and DNA upgrades and ultimately moving us energetically into service for humanity; 

"Ascension Symptoms" as they are sometimes called, are simply the result of incorporating LIGHT into the 4 Lower Bodies resulting in a plethora of symptoms including nausea, lethargy, light headedness, extreme fatigue and the need to sleep, sleeplessness, headaches, ringing in the ears, fear-based feelings, loss of appetite, hyperactivity, and feeling ungrounded; These symptoms can be improved from this Harmonization service.   

If this resonates with you, I invite you to the Sessions Page



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