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I AM Amora

This moment in time has been called The End Times... I, however, prefer to call it what it is: the time of the Great Healing of Humanity ... I AM guided now to step into my role as a facilitator of Healing Light from the Source of All~That~Is

This is not a new passion as I have been exploring the Healing Arts for over 40 years, but this is a qualitative change in direction in that through the gift of my own deep inner reflections and personal healing through this pathway, I have come to realize that there is an infinite source of light, Intelligent Light, that creates a deep alchemical transformation that can be personally felt, and which the sincere seeker will experience profound shifts in their life experience by removing subconscious patterning from the fields, paving the way to ultimately heal and connect with one's own divine presence, the Soul 

As I offer my loving presence and deep dedication to bringing forward pure healing light, the illuminating messages that often come forth will guide you on your path and you shall ultimately heal and integrate your own Unlimited Self, and come to know your Soul on many new levels.  This is why you are here, now.

 With Love and Compassion for You and your Journey



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