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 It is a time of great expansion! The Crystalline Light from the Central Sun is showering Sacred Light Codes upon us, gracing us in every moment, supporting us to expand Into The Light and hold loving kindness in our hearts for every experience before us;

This is a Sacred Journey of the Soul


In every moment we are offered a choice - will our choice move us upwards upon the Creationary Spiral of Life towards our Divinity and the Higher Expression of our I AM Presence, or will our choice move us toward the lower frequencies of separation consciousness? 

What kind of experience do we wish to create as we move forward into the Light?  We are reminded to Focus Now on what the perfected realms of higher beingness mean to each of us, while holding love and gratitude for all life, and for the gift of this Expansion before us. 

With infinite love,


Image: Sunset in Kentucky, USA  during September Equinox 2023  Credit: Henry 



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