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 New! Soul Alchemy: Healing with                 Light & Love for                        Transformation, Freedom                    and Immortality


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 New!  Soul Counseling


       Please fill out the Contact Form with             Your details for More Information                  regarding Energy Exchange



 New!  Healing Meditation with                               Attunement              $  44

  Ascended Numerology TM            $ 122 

     Diamond Foundation 


  FULL Ascended Numerology         $ 177

   Diamond Foundation with Life                  Review/Soul Code Expansion 


    Mineral/Crystal Information

      with Practices for your

    Expansion and Integration &

      Includes your own

    Personal Ray of Mastery


    COMBINED Ascended Numerology  $ 222

  Reading with Diamond Foundation

   Life Review, Quantum Clairvoyant                  Reading, Mineral/Crystal             Information, Healing Practices and                 Personal Ray of Service                                                  

   Soul Charting as Healing            $  77

  Based on your Diamond Foundation 

    Quantum Clairvoyant Reading     $ 155        

    Support Package with any          $  77

           Reading above




   *Your donation is an energy exchange that is gratefully accepted as it supports the sacred work of the Ascension upon us

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