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    Ascended Numerology TM            $ 122 

     Diamond Foundation             

    Ascended Numerology TM            $ 177

     Diamond Foundation             

     with Life Review/Soul

        Code Expansion 


    Mineral/Crystal Information

      with Practices for your

    Expansion and Integration &

      Includes your own

    Personal Ray of Mastery         


    Quantum Clairvoyant TM Reading  $ 122        

    Support Package with any        $  77

           Reading above


    Ascended Numerology TM Reading

   with Quantum Clairvoyant TM 

              Reading                    $ 222


    Body~Mind~Heart & Soul Healing

  A Holistic Approach to the Science of            Higher Dimensional Healing


                                    $On Request 



   *Your donation is an energy exchange that is gratefully accepted as it supports the sacred work of the Ascension upon us

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