Move Into The Light!

It is the time of the Awakening ~ A time when we are opening to ourselves, where we are curious about our own Soul ~ it is a time of discovery! Through the ancient and stunningly accurate

Ascended Numerology TM  Reading

the nature of your Soul shall be revealed and offer an understanding of your current life experience; 

Based upon the Birth Information on your written Birth Document, which is the permanent and true record of your Soul in the Akashic, this reading will uncover hidden treasures to empower your understanding of who you are and what this current life experience is revealing to you;


 Like a blooming lotus flower, you will discover your Soul's power and how it is speaking to you through your Body, your Heart and your Mind; Imagine what lies within your Lotus!

Move into the Light!

Saint Germain Speaks:

"This information is a gift! It becomes the seed to expansion and a rising in consciousness of the individual.  It brings Freedom, automatically and instantly from the shackles of the Third Dimension - one taste of freedom and the soul remembers.  It is the Key in the lock that has held man for so long in the proverbial chains of disappointment, and loss of knowing the truth of who one is and the accompanying grief that has so fully saturated every cell of one's Being, that only darkness had become the path home. It is Heaven on Earth!  The Truth reveals the underlying beauty of every man, woman and child like pearls in the Sea ~ where no two are alike!  It is now time to come home to You!

I AM Saint Germain and I Welcome You Home!" 

More About the Ascended Numerology System

The Science of Ascended Numerology was originally returned to the planet in the late 1800's through the famous medium Helena Blavatsky, founder of the Theosophical Society, and the Mother of modern esotericism; Originally a sacred science available to humanity in the Ancient Days and held within the Library of Alexandria, this science was lost during the burning of the library (in 48 BC), an action to eliminate humanity's knowing of divine wisdom that was our birthright.  The major difference between current day Numerology and Ascended Numerology is that the popular Numerology of today uses only numbers 1-9, whereas Ascended Numerology uses the Zero through 12 which honours the power of the Infinity. This beautiful system has now been

resurrected* during this time of the Awakening, and it's revelations will truly empower you as you seek clarity and sincere understanding of your life.  The information will always support your quest for an expanded consciousness and therefore move you toward successful ascension in this lifetime. 

  Body ~ Heart ~ Mind ~ Soul


     The findings of your own personal Ascended Numerology Reading are enhanced through my direct channeling of your Guides and associated Ascended Master(s) who are accompanying you in this lifetime.  For more than 20 years I have been a Channel for many beings from the Source, who have brought through me the beautiful and supportive messages for our onward evolution toward the enlightenment. All of these messages have offered the highest frequency of love in support of all who read them.  By combining channeled information with your Ascended Numerology Reading I am able to provide valuable insight into areas where you may not have had clarity.  By identifying these areas with you, you are moving into acceptance of healing within your own Body~Heart~Mind~Soul system ~ your own personal integrated expression of who you are. 

To lead an integrated expression of who you are arises from successful balancing of one's life.  It would be my honour to help you to balance your life: to discover the truth of who you are, what you have come here to do and what energy is available to assist you on your journey! 


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* The Gift of Ascended Numerology TM has been returned to the planet during this current Ascension Cycle, through Angelic Oracle Master Lady Kira Raa